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Why Connection Versatility Is So Important When Buying Headphones

Given the ubiquity of the headphone jack, blog writers of the world wondered at length whether Apple was right to eliminate it for the iPhone 7. Six months since launch, iPhone 7 sales performance broke records but is below expectations. This uncertainty was not lost...

Comply™ Memory Foam Ear Tips Now On Select SoundMAGIC Earphones

The first time I put a pair of Comply brand ear tips in my ears, I can honestly say it was quite a new sensation. After the first few seconds, I could feel the ear tips grow and gradually seal off the noise from the outside world. It was like drawing a curtain on the...

“Must Have” Headphones

My friends joke that I have headphones everywhere. They point to the multitude of headphones on my desk, in my desk drawer, in my backpack, and in my car. I'm the go-to guy when someone is looking to borrow a pair. I even keep a Solo cup of fresh ear tips. Obviously...

Why Headphones are the Most Important Part of a Personal Audio System

Within the world of audio, there are so many things to learn and experience. The most dedicated audiophiles who are passionate about their personal audio nirvana often dedicate an inordinate amount of effort into achieve that last bit of performance. It’s worthwhile to sometimes take a step back and reflect on the basics, starting with a pair of earphones that is well suited to the listener.